Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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    Excerpt from Mastering the Beast One more step and she’d be smack in front of them, close enough to kiss or do something more. They noticed. Stefin’s grin had already faded while the pinpoints of light in his eyes burned brightly, some might say hornily. Anatol lost his preoccupied look and met her gaze, his expression expectant. Taro lowered his hand and leaned closer. So did she, only to stop. What are you doing? Startled that she kept losing control so easily, Zoe backed up. They followed as one, like the damn Rockettes. Their musk and intense heat enveloped her. In another second, they’d all burst into flames from too much carnal hunger. Once they’d satisfied their basest urges, they’d ignore her and pounce on other women. Possibly Heather, maybe even Becca or Constance. That’s just the way guys were with someone as ordinary as she was, and Zoe knew it. Been there, done that. “Hold it.” Panting, she held up her palm to stop their advance. They edged closer, their breaths warming her fingers. Unsettled, she dropped her hand and stepped back once more. “I’m in charge here.” Stefin’s smile was broad and patronizing. At any other time, that would have made her batshit crazy. Right now, Zoe couldn’t manage a hell of a lot of anger, she was far too busy fighting pressing need. As if Stefin knew, he kept advancing while she didn’t have anywhere else to go. Her desk was in the way. She considered crawling on top of it but couldn’t. Stefin had already trapped her with his body and size. “How you smoke,” he said, his thick accent rasping the words, his voice so deep the sounds vibrated in her belly. Zoe’s knees sagged, bumping his. His complexion darkened even more, his expression nearly feral with a demon’s lust. “I know why.” She nodded then stopped. “Why what?” “Why you’re smoking as you are. I know the reason.” He did? “And I agree with what you want,” he added. She stared. He was actually conceding victory and would follow all her orders from now— Zoe’s thoughts paused as he slipped his arm around her waist, drawing her into his solid chest, nothing but hard slabs of muscle that made her skin tingle. He pressed his hips to hers, his cock blossoming against her cunt. All the spit in Zoe’s mouth dried up. She would have protested but couldn’t seem to form words. Stefin pressed one of her smoking tresses to his nose and inhaled for a long moment, his expression dreamy. “How delightful.” He made an indecent noise filled with lust. “I’ve never known another demon who flirted like this.” Like what? Who the fuck was flirting? Zoe was already light years past flirting and was straight into reckless desire. Without thinking, she wreathed her arms around his impossibly broad shoulders and pressed her body to his, a purr quivering her throat. He grinned rakishly. “Now you’ll see who’s boss.” What? Gawd. His lips were silky and hot against hers, his stubble oh so masculine as it scoured her skin. He pulled her close, held her tightly and speared his tongue into her mouth. Zoe sagged against him, adoring his sinfully rich scent and impressive bulk. Even so, it was no match for his decadent flavor that spoke of the depths of Hell, sinful nights, shameless need. He plundered her mouth, his passion demanding that she suckle his tongue. She did quite brazenly, not recognizing the sounds that poured from her. A delicate whimper. A feminine moan. Noises that a submissive makes. What in the hell was happening to her? Amazon: http://goo.gl/tVtZU9 Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/9APTJQ Samhain: https://goo.gl/mwmwwz BN: http://goo.gl/02kP0z iTunes: https://goo.gl/2InJAs Kobo: https://goo.gl/wftZCq Google Play: https://goo.gl/35U4ht

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